Catholic Community of Charismatic Renewal EFFATHA

invites to prayer meetings:


Friday, 6:30 pm at the Queen of the Apostles Chapel (entrance from the Elzbietanska 1 Street)

First Friday of the month, 4 pm, Church of St. Elizabeth

"That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have eternal life." (John 3: 15)


The road to the mountain.
Everything is ready, zipped up and buttoned up. When the Community prays for the retreat, I thank the Lord Who allowed me to participate, persevere in the decision for several months, not to back up. I'm going with well developed plan - how and what I will try to pray fpr, ask God what will be the outcome of this meeting. Yes, I prepared decently. Moreover, I also had a designated role for Him, "Lord teach me to accept what can not be changed, so that I could be reconciled and did not fight with what is" - That was His job at this time. Readily to get on the road.
The mountain.
The Gospel of St. Mark, Chapter 11, verses 20-25. Great piece! Word to read on the morning prayer. The first prayer of the morning. I had to find and read. I feel that neither is my merit or wisdom. God is working!
The plan is simple - at the beginning of the prayer read this scripture. Change. Who else is reading? I see some peaople reading, some are praying. What happened with theplan? What with roles we got? We can not change everything. Everything was set.
The part from St. Mark bothers me - "It" follows me, even on morning walks when I try to focus on the tasks set before arrival its there. Fig tree dried up from the roots - case closed. What is there to say? We have to accept that and do not fight with what is. How I need al this! "Have faith of God!" - Oh yes, with Him everything is lighter.
What this is all about? Words about moving up? What does this have to do with dried up tree? There's nothing left, nothing, not even hope - dry from the roots.
Conference. The threat of a student on the way to the truth - skepticism, which I do not believe, because scientifically, experimentally it's impossible. "All I ask for in your prayer will be given you, but trust that you will receive it."
Hmm ... I'm starting to be irritated, too many coincidences, and my plan for retreat just flows in the blue distance.
More often reaches the message: Do not worry about the tree. Your life is not a plant. Even if you dry from the roots of your soul, you can not give up. Fight! Ask for the lieves, ask for fruits. I do not doubt! But believe that it will come true - and it happens! Do not give up, believe only !!! - That's what God gives me.
Amazing is the delicacy with which this message "influences" me. Not by storm, not by fire. A gentle breeze of thought, intuition. In order not to discourage this smart and settled individual.
Lord, give me faith - I pray with these word from some time now. I know, I feel that there is hope.
"And when you stand up to pray, forgive, if you have something against someone ..." - the next sentence without connection. What does this have to do with faith ...? It is beyond me... but I am more cautious. For several days my retreat Lord have changed my way of looking at what I get. Already, I do not get angry, I do not plan. I'm waiting. He will not leave me half-way.
The conference "Faith without love is like a cross without arms" - Could it be said in more simple way about the relationship between faith and forgiveness? God can only do it. I completely forgot about tasks for Him, for myself, or for others. I see His love for me - since He willed to deal with me on His own, with no guarantee of success.He wanted me to heal, transform. His action is not a fairy tale. The man who experienced it is ready to indicate this. The man who experienced it want to share the joy. The man wants to be forever with Him. He wants to set up the tents for those who helped in His work.
The descent from the Mount
Conference: "We are, each in their Mount of Transfiguration. You can somehow experience His glory. However, not in order to stay on it, but to go down and persevere when the time comes the Garden of Olives, Golgotha. And help to persevere others."
Bow. How will it be when I return to the world of my mountains? It's so good ... But all around me there is still so much dry branches, leaves, one storm and there will be nothing to collect. And again, a gentle breeze "wind".
"There is hope. Believe and love, ask. Everything will turn, come to life and yet will bear fruit. Do not fear, the Lord is near". I'm no panicing.I mean I'm trying not to...
And finally memento - A man returned from the retreat very soulful. Cross pinned to a card with the inscription: "The old man is dead." However, after some time his colleagues attached another shee (sadly)t: "And three days later He rose from the dead" - surely it is worth remembering.
Praise the Lord!

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